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Over 100 Quarantined Following Latest Coronavirus Cases

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Sonora, CA — Tracing the two most recent confirmed cases of COVID-19 has required a “heavy lift” by Tuolumne County Public Health Officials.

During a presentation at today’s Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors meeting, Interim Public Health Officer Dr. Liza Ortiz stated that in one recent case, a 56-year-old woman, they could not identify the source.

The other recent case is an inmate at the Sierra Conservation Center.

Dr. Ortiz stated that congregate living facilities, like a prison, are “worst-case scenarios.”

“We have been extremely busy on the public health side and considered calling in mutual aid,” she said.

Over 100 people are currently under quarantine orders stemming from the two recent cases, including a large number of inmates and staff at the prison. It has also changed some of the operations of the prison.
She indicated that while the stat sheet says there are only two recent cases, there are likely many more untested, and under quarantine.

On the topic of COVID-19, Supervisor Karl Rodefer raised concerns about protests occurring in the community, and the potential for people to be bused in from other areas, like the Bay Area, or Central Valley. It was indicated that related rumors have floated on social media. Dr. Ortiz stated she is not aware of people being bused into the county, but stated that people who do take part in protests have a right to do. She said that anyone protesting is recommended to physically separate, wear masks, and make messages known without actions like screaming and yelling (which can transit germs). If there is going to be a large gathering or protest, with many people coming from outside the area, she said her office could make a related public health recommendation, if needed.

Also on the topic of coronavirus response, Supervisor Sherri Brennan noted that much is taking place behind the scenes regarding the regional coordination of the opening of public lands like Yosemite and the Stanislaus National Forest.

After the discussion about coronavirus, the supervisors transitioned into budget talks. Information about how to watch the live meeting video can be found below.

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