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Study Says Hetch Hetchy Valley Can Be Restored

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Yosemite National Park, CA — Researchers released a major study regarding the Hetch Hetchy reservoir, revealing that practical, reasonably priced solutions exist to restore the reservoir.

The non-profit organization Restore Hetch Hetchy found that there are feasible ways to replace the water and energy that would otherwise be lost if O´Shaughnessy Dam were removed and Yosemite´s Hetch Hetchy Valley were restored.

For the first time, the study reveals that by diverting water from the Tuolumne River into existing pipelines, 95% of the water and 73% of the energy that would be lost if the dam were removed could be retained.

The study provides the first detailed analysis of the actual removal of O´Shaughnessy Dam and ecological restoration of Hetch Hetchy Valley. Removal of the dam would take 5 years.