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Local Red Cross Chapter Seeks Donors And Volunteers For Hurricane Katrina Relief

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Sonora, CA — The American Red Cross is receiving overwhelming support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the nation´s Gulf Coast region.

In fact, officials say that the response has been so great that the main Red Cross web site was down this morning because of overwhelming traffic.

Local Red Cross Director Carole Mutzner says her office has been extremely busy lately. She says those wishing to help should make monetary donations because they are easier to handle and it also allows the money to spent in the area that´s been affected, thus providing a boost to the recovery of the area´s economy.

Mutzner says the organization is also looking for volunteers who are willing to travel to the Gulf Coast area to help out first hand. She says the Red Cross will provide immediate training before sending volunteers on a three-week deployment to the Gulf Coast region.

However, Mutzner warns applicants that it is an “extreme hardship assignment,” and applicants will be required to endure heat and high humidity in areas where there is no power or air conditioning.

Mother Lode residents who would like to help with relief efforts have several ways to do so.

Donors can visit the Sonora office located on Mono Way just east of Hess Avenue. They can also mail monetary donations to P.O. Box 81, Sonora. Telephone donations can be made by calling the Red Cross´s toll free national line at 1-800-HELP-NOW.

Local residents wishing to donate or volunteer, or for more information can call the local office at 533-1513, or log onto