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Due To COVID-19 CDFW Temporarily Launches Online Hunter Certifications

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Sacramento, CA – Remote learning, the new norm for students of all ages, is now how aspiring hunters can fulfill their state licensing requirements.

California Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) officials say due to COVID-19-related delays to in-person California hunter education classes, aspiring licensed hunters can now temporarily complete their education requirements entirely online.

Before the pandemic, hunters had to participate in a traditional in-person course or a hybrid online/in-person class with a certified Hunter Education Instructor (HEI). Since all classroom instruction is suspended until further notice, CDFW is until then waiving the in-person requirement.

“Online-only certification is a temporary solution to allow Californians the ability to fulfill their hunter education requirements and obtain a hunting license during these unique times,” shares David Bess, CDFW Deputy Director, and Chief of the Law Enforcement Division.

“We don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to earn their certification before the fall hunting seasons, so we believe this is a reasonable solution, given the circumstances.”

Bess adds, “We value our 1,000 extremely dedicated volunteer instructors enormously, and we’re anxious to see them back in front of students as soon as possible.” So as soon as it is deemed safe to do so, CDFW plans to return to the prior system, including a minimum level of in-person instruction with one of the agency’s certified HEIs.

Those who successfully complete the course will be able to immediately print out a completion certificate with which they will be able to purchase a hunting license through a CDFW License agent. As the deadline to apply for California’s Big Game draw is June 2, 2020, CDFW advises new hunters to set a goal of completing the online certification by May 31, which should allow time for the automatic update of their CDFW license profile.

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