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Murphys Man Arrested For Assualt With A Deadly Weapon

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Murpys, CA — A Murphys man is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon after a dispute with his neighbor on Sunday.

Calaveras County Sheriff´s Deputies say Trina Stricklin was putting her dogs into her car when the dogs ran out of her yard while chasing a cat.

The Sheriff´s Department says at that time Stricklin´s neighbor William Saul began firing a pellet rifle at the dogs and Stricklin says that although the dogs were only a few feet onto the property, she was unable to retrieve them.

Stricklin told deputies she felt Saul was trying to shoot her as well. Saul was arrested at the scene after Sticklin chose to make a citizen´s arrest.

The Sheriff´s Department says Saul told them he was firing the gun at the dogs to scare them off of the property and stop them from chasing the cat. Saul also denied having fired the gun at Stricklin.

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