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Yosemite Park Rangers Urge Visitors To Use Caution

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Yosemite National Park, CA — Officials at Yosemite National Park are warning visitors to be cautious after several fatalities in the park this year.

Park spokeswoman Adrienne Freeman says seven people have died in the park so far. Aside from those dying of natural causes, two were killed in accidents and two others remain missing.

Freeman says the most important thing for park visitors is to be well prepared and aware of park conditions.

She recommends that visitors use the park´s internet information site and the National Weather service among other resources to familiarize themselves with conditions before going out.

Freeman says that when hikers are out on the trail, to use what she calls “situational awareness” and be ready to adapt to changing conditions if necessary, and to be sure of the safety of certain situations.

Freeman also recommends that visitors carry a signaling mirror, a first aid kit and water purification tablets.

Hikers should also tell people where they are going, and stay put if they become lost.