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Fire Destroys Old Lodge At Dodge Ridge

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Tuolumne County and CDF fire fighters remain at the scene of a massive fire that gutted the old lodge at the Dodge Ridge ski area just after seven this morning. Ski area President Sally Helm says the inferno was first spotted by an alert employee.

There were no injuries, but the old lodge is a complete loss. The 10-thousand square foot, two story building was constructed by ski area founder Earl Purdy in 1950. Tuolumne County Fire Marshall Kary Hubbard says flames completely engulfed the building, leaving it in ruins.

The precise cause of the fire remains under investigation. Damage is expected to exceed $1-million. The ski area remains open and its operation was not disrupted by the inferno. The last big blaze that occurred at Dodge Ridge was in the early 1960´s when the ski rental shop was destroyed by fire.