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New Tuolumne County Web Site Unveiled

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Residents of Tuolumne County can now see some amazing things about where they live on the world wide web.

The Board of Supervisors got their first introduction to the new, live Tuolumne County Web Site at their regular session yesterday. County Administrator C. Brent Wallace told the board that, compared to some county web sites in California, Tuolumne County´s is robust and has a lot of interactivity.

“There´s not a lot of information available for some of the other counties and cities that have done this. And I think what our team has done is an exceptional job of making a web site that has just a huge variety of uses and is usable and is productive for the user,” Wallace said Tuesday.

Craig Richardson, Deputy County Administrative Officer, said Tuesday that much has been done, and much more is coming.

“All departments have at least a web page. We have eight departments that have significant information. We are now going to be entering into the next phase of doing our web site, where we´re going to add intense information from the rest of the departments, and that´s kind of our next task,” Richardson said.

Modoc County is the only remaining county in California without an official website.

The address is