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Rabid Bat Prompts Rabies Alert

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Valley Springs, CA – Calaveras County Animal Services is sounding the alarm to residents in Valley Spring regarding a recent rabies incident.

Last week, an owner reported that he found his dog playing with a dead bat on the 100 block of Happy Jack Court in Valley Springs. Concerned he notified animal services and was asked to bring the bat to their office for processing. From there the bat was sent to the San Joaquin Public Health Laboratory for rabies testing, which came back positive.

Since the dogs had not been vaccinated for the disease it was put in immediate mandatory quarantine. Animal service is now turning to the public and asking that anyone in the area who believes their pet may have encountered this bat, to call their office at 209-754-6509.

This incident brings up the importance of keeping pets up to date on their rabies vaccinations. Animal services warn it is vital for the health and wellbeing of pets and family members. They ask owners of pets that are not currently vaccinated to contact a veterinarian and make an appointment to get the shot right away.