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Local Weekend Events And Volunteering

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Saturday there are two drive-thru dinners available. The one hosted by the Sonora Elks Lodge is the “Drive-Thru” Tri-Tip Dinner. The menu and details about who to call to order are in the event listing here. The other dinner is “The Sierra’s Table Drive-Thru Dinner” today is the last day to order with choices of tri-tip, pulled pork, chicken and many different side dishes. The proceeds will be added to the CRF (Community Recovery Fund) at Sonora Area Foundation and used to provide grants to organizations in the community supporting those impacted by the Coronavirus. Grants have already been made to: ATCAA Food Bank, Interfaith Social Services, Salvation Army, Give Someone A Chance, Nancy’s Hope, Resiliency Village Project / Jamestown Family Resource Center and others. All menu and details about who to call to order are in the event listing here.

The Calaveras Fair is hosting many Virtual Competitions. Details about what information to submit and how are in the event listing here.


Love Tuolumne County, a non-profit organization, is building a team to help people and families who have been affected by COVID-19. They note, “Sudden closures have made it difficult for people to get access to food, supplies or the services they need on a regular basis. This is particularly true for the many senior citizens who call Tuolumne County home.” Love Tuolumne County was created to match needs with solutions.

If you are in need of help you can register on their website and if you can offer help, you can also register and get connected with a person who is experiencing hardships and has needs that match the help you can provide.

Suggestion from the Police Department

The Angels Camp Police reminds residents; “Now is the Time to Create a Property Identification List”

There may come a day when you find yourself saying, “It’s gone! Someone stole my chainsaw! Call the police!”

As that sinking feeling starts to grow in your heart, you begin to think about your chainsaw. You know your chainsaw has been stolen. You know you left it in the shed in the backyard last winter. You know that you purchased it from a friend that may have bought it from some guy that he used to work with. You know it was orange, or maybe it used to be black and it was painted orange… and that’s about all you know about the chainsaw.

When you call your local law enforcement to report your property as stolen, one of the first questions the officer will ask you is the make, model, serial number (or owner applied number) of the property. Without that information, the chances of your property being returned to you are very slim.

Property crime, including residential and commercial burglary, account for a large percentage of crime, yet only a small percentage of recovered property is returned to its rightful owner because the property cannot be tracked back to the owner. If you have the make, model, and serial number of the property, your property is entered into a nationwide system as stolen and if found, the property can be returned to you.

The Angels Camp Police recommend: creating a detailed list of your property. (example: tools, bicycles, cell phones, tablets, jewelry, etc.) Make your own spreadsheet, handwritten notes work too, keep it in a safe place. Include information such as the make, model, serial number, value, and a photograph. Note any detail that makes your property unique. If your property doesn’t have a unique serial number, consider marking your property with a permanent marking such as engraving your driver license, or ID card, number on the property.


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