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Nessler Seeks New Attorney

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The trial of accused killer William Nessler in Sonora is proceeding at a slow pace.

On Friday Nessler´s attorney was granted a request to withdraw from the case by Judge William Polley . Defense attorney Russ Miller told the court that his previous committment to two other clients and an alleged delay in receiving evidence from prosecutors were the reasons he requested to withdraw. Nessler is accused of beating Sonora resident David Edward Davis to death. The crime allegedly occurred just one hour after Nessler was let out of jail for attacking Davis on a previous occasion.

Nessler is the son of Ellie Nessler. In 1993 she shot and killed a man in a Jamestown Courtroom accused of molesting her son. William Nessler has had various interactions with law enforcement for much of his adult life. Dean Dee Phillips is being charged with being an accessory in the killing. Phillips´ trial starts Wednesday.