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Nessler Trial Delay

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The withdrawal of defense attorney Russell Miller from the William Nessler murder trial means the case won´t proceed until May 4th.

Miller requested to be allowed to quit representing Nessler last week. He stated that previous committments to other clients would prevent him from being able to give Nessler proper representation. Nessler will now be represented by an attorney from the law offices of Donald Martell in Sonora. The District Attorney says he will not seek the death penalty against Nessler. Deputy DA Eric Hovatter is prosecuting the case.

Nessler is accused of beating David Edward Davis to death on Shaws Flat Road last July. Dean Dee Phillips is charged as an accessory in the homicide. His trial was slated to begin today, but the Disrict Attorney dropped the original charges and refiled them in an effort to have Phillips tried simultaneously with Nessler. Phillips has already been convicted of 2 previous felonies and faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted. Both men remain in County jail.

Nessler´s mother, Ellie, became infamous in 1993 after she shot and killed a man accused of molesting her son. The shooting took place inside a Jamestown Courtroom. She was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and was returned to state prison after being convicted on drug charges.