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Wayward Goose Finds Help at Lake Tahoe

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A rare, wayward goose is being treated at a Lake Tahoe wildlife center after winter storms forced it to take refuge in a most unlikely place , a ski resort.

Sierra-at-Tahoe employees discovered the lone Ross goose on Sunday, miles away from where the birds are usually found in the California Central Valley. Experts believe the goose was blown off course by winter storms last weekend.

The goose was cold and afraid of the near-blizzard conditions at the ski resort but wouldn´t let anyone near it. It was finally captured after it flew into a building and suffered a mild concussion.

Officials at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care say the bird is recovering and they hope to have it back on its way by the end of the week. The Ross goose is described as the smallest and rarest of the North American geese. It breeds in the Arctic and winters almost exclusively in California´s Central Valley.