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Gas Prices Continue To Fall

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Sonora, CA — The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has fallen to $2.89 in California, while some gas stations in the US have been selling for under $1.

The nationwide wide average is $2.01, but a station in Cleveland, Ohio started selling regular unleaded last week for 94-cents per gallon, only to soon be outdone by a station in Kentucky selling gas for 93-cents per gallon.

The gas price section shows that regular unleaded is selling in Tuolumne County from $2.44-$2.89 and in Calaveras County from $2.37-$2.39.

Gas is selling below $2 per gallon at some California stations in Farmersville, Oroville, Escondido, Lemoore, Tulare, Chico and Madera.

The price has dropped 14 cents nationwide over the past two weeks and 52 cents over the past seven weeks. The decline is attributed to a price war on crude oil between Saudi Arabia and Russia, and a decline in demand over recent weeks due to fewer cars on the road during the coronavirus pandemic.

The price for fuel in California is amongst the highest in the country with the state’s taxes on gas totaling around 60-cents per gallon.