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Supervisor Kirk Announces Launch Of Hopeline

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Sonora, CA — Members of the local church community are coming together to help those who are isolated in their homes and would like someone to talk to during these difficult times.

A few weeks ago Tuolumne County Supervisor Anaiah Kirk sent an email to many local church leaders about the idea of creating a Hopeline, and 34 volunteers stepped up to offer support.

Kirk says, “People calling Hopeline will be connected to a volunteer. If you would like a word of encouragement, prayer or just someone to talk to, the volunteers are open ears and here to serve our community.”

He adds, “The goal of Hopeline is to provide connection and hope to those struggling with the circumstances surrounding the COVID19 crisis through caring, compassionate support and encouragement, based on the love of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to bring connections with anyone in our community.”

Kirk says Hopeline was developed with the help of Cynthia Holman, a school counselor, and cofounder of Lantern of Light Ministries.

The volunteers have a list of resources at their disposal and the information can be passed along to anyone calling the number.

Kirk points out, “Hopeline is not a hotline and is not taking the place of the Behavioral Health crisis line (533-7000) but is here to support the behavioral health burdens which are rapidly increasing due to the pandemic.”

Hopeline volunteers are now available to answer calls, Monday through Friday, from 8am-5pm. The phone number is 209-533-7991.