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Calaveras County To Be Served By Two Ambulance Providers

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Exclusive ambulance services in Calaveras County have been awarded to two entities by a regional emergency medical services agency.

The board of the agency unanimously voted for Ebbets Pass Fire District and American Legion Post 108 Ambulance serve the county. The new plan will take effect July 1st when the county will have six 24-hour ambulances and two 12-hour ambulances.

Ebbets pass will serve the area east of Murphy´s to the Alpine County line, while the American Legion will provide transport for the rest of the county. The board´s decision does away with the former non-exclusive zones, which board officials say adversely affected service.

The county took bids from five different companies, including San Andreas Ambulance, which has been serving the county for 37 years. The plan has some residents worried however. Many believe that service will suffer if drivers and paramedics who are unfamiliar with the area are placed on duty.

Meanwhile the owner of outgoing San Andreas Ambulance says he will seek an injunction against the plan because he believes his company should have “grandfather rights.”