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CA Based Catholic Publishing Company Owns New Pope’s Work

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The pope has a publisher, and it´s a small California operation that is enjoying a boost in business.

The offices of San Francisco-based Ignatius Press are in a cluttered two-story house next door to a convent of nuns.

The copier and postage machine are set up on tables in the kitchen. The company president sits in the basement.

Welcome to the new pope´s publishing house. Ignatius Press owns the U-S copyright to 22 books by the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now known to the world as Pope Benedict the 16th.

For decades, Ratzinger has been sending his manuscripts simultaneously to his German publisher and to Ignatius Press.

He writes in German on a computer, then sends both a disk and a paper copy to San Francisco.

Ratzinger´s writings are climbing up the best-seller chart on Amazon-dot-com.