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New “Jessica’s Law” Legislation Conference Set For Monday

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Sacramento, CA — A press conference on California´s new “Jessica´s law” legislation will be held on Monday.

State Senator Jeff Denham out of Merced, will host the news conference to discuss Senate Bill 722 that would require lifetime GPS tracking for convicted child molesters.

The measure is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Public Safety Committee on Tuesday.

Specifically the bill would now require the lifetime monitoring of anyone convicted of lewd of lascivious molestation with a child under the age of 12.

On hand for the conference will be law enforcement officials as well as GPS experts who will talk about the aspects of GPS as well as the legislation.

“Jessica´s Law” has been named after a 9-year old Florida girl, Jessica Lunsford, who was found dead last month after a convicted sex offender led authorities to her body.

Police say the man has admitted to sexually assaulting and burying Lunsford alive.

He had recently moved and had not alerted police as to his new residence as part of that state´s requirement under Megan´s Law.