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A Couple ‘Days Of COVID-19’ Bobcat Tales

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Sonora, CA — While most of us are holed up at home, spying wildlife on the roam can be a fun diversion. But have you come across a bobcat yet?

Apparently, Tuolumne County Animal Control staff recently did, and it turned out to be a good thing for the wildcat.

Officers responding last Friday to a report of a sick bobcat off Highway 108 in Pinecrest were able to locate what they described as a very lethargic critter, and after capturing it, they brought it back to the shelter.

Fortunately, after warming up and getting a meal and some water, the bobcat rebounded and began acting normally, so that Fish and Wildlife officers were able to release it back into its environment the next day.

Yosemite National Park rangers dryly note that the park’s generally very elusive population of bobcats, already known for their advanced skills in “social distancing,” are a bit more evident these days with the COVID-19 crisis going on since it necessitated a complete shutdown of Yosemite to the public.

In the absence of crowds, the wildlife, including bobcats, are making use of public walkways and roads in addition to showing up in open places like Cook’s Meadow.

Yosemite officials in their engagement outreach playfully suggest that not only do bobcats have coronavirus protocol down, perhaps we may be borrowing a bit from their ways:

–Avoid social contact at all times. 6 ft apart? Nah, more like 50 yards. At least.
–Mark your territory and don’t let anyone invade your personal space.
–Find a cozy den for safety and shelter.
–Short walks around the neighborhood are great, but no need to travel far.
–It’s okay to stay up late and nap all day.
–Keep a healthy diet of squirrels and pocket gophers (okay, this one might be bobcat-specific).
–Do not let anyone pet you.

They ask, besides the rodents, who else is living the bobcat life right now?

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