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City Of Angels Closes Public Parks, Sonora Parks Still Open

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Sonora, CA – Policies on city parks access are changing In response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effective immediately and until further notice, City of Angels officials have closed its public parks within the city limits. The facilities include Utica Park, Gateway Park, and Tryon Park.

Officials specifically note it is now prohibited to use the playgrounds, picnic tables or other park equipment. Restrooms are locked and will remain so until the parks reopen.

Community members can pass through parks while walking, biking or running but are advised to practice social distancing, maintaining at least six feet of distance from others. Under Governor Gavin Newsom’s Stay At Home Order, gatherings of groups and organized activities are not permitted.

While the city of Sonora has not technically closed its parks, advisory signage is posted. As Police Chief Turu VanderWiel explains, “Based on reduced staffing, the benches, play structures and such are not being disinfected, so the signs say for the public to use caution and use [amenities] at their own risk.”

He adds those accessing the park areas should exercise self-regulation, social distancing, and wipe down whatever they are using before and after doing so.