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Narrow Gay Marriage Vote Hinged On Personal And Political Issues

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Sacramento, CA — Gay rights supporters say they are frustrated that a bill to legalize same-sex marriage died in the state Assembly, but encouraged that it came as close to passing as it did.

The measure came four votes within passing Thursday after winning votes from 37 Democrats.

But 10 other Democrats, representing districts as diverse as Compton, Salinas, Santa Ana and Chino, either abstained or joined Assembly Republicans in voting against it.

The defeat marked the first time in over six years that the Assembly failed to approve a major piece of gay rights legislation.

That record made advocates optimistic that California´s government would become the first in the nation to willingly sanction same-sex unions.

The bill´s main author, San Francisco Democrat Mark Leno, said he would try again next year unless a court order accomplishing the same goal is handed down before then.