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Governor’s Prison Overhaul Plan Could Effect SCC

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Sacramento, Ca — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced today, a wide-ranging plan to address the states prison crisis.

The Governor is proposing to spend $4.4 billion to build new prisons and re-entry programs, another $4 billion on county jails, $1 billion for prison hospitals and mental health facilities and $400 million on local juvenile detention facilities.

Among those taking note of the announcement are the officials at the Sierra Conservation Center.

Corrections Warden Ivan Clay says he is not sure the exact effect this plan would have on the center. He says, “Ideally what it would do is decrease the population (of prisoners) here locally. At this point we are in overflow mode. The hope is to ease that overcrowding situation.”

The proposal will be taken up when the legislature reconvenes on January 3rd.

Written by BJ Hansen