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Water Board Discusses Valley Springs Study

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San Andreas, CA — Looking at the regional picture for water and sewer in the Valley Springs area will be the topic of discussion for the Calaveras County Water District Board of Directors Wednesday.

Kicking off the talks will be the proponents of the Ponte Ranch development, a proposed 1,000 home project on 450 acres just outside of Valley Springs.

The project was submitted to Calaveras County for approval in late October.

Calaveras County Water District General Manager David Andres says the land for the project falls into two water agency jurisdictions. It has not been determined which agency will supply the project.

At any rate, Andres says, Calaveras County Water District staff want the board to discuss doing a regional water and wastewater study for the whole Valley Springs area.

Andres says the district wants to have a regional approach.

The board meets at 9 a.m., Wednesday, at 423 E. St. Charles Street in San Andreas.

Written by Vanessa Turner.