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Board of Supervisors Receive Update On TGH

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Sonora, CA –The Tuolumne General Hospital was back among discussion at today´s Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Among those addressing the Board was Judi Ashline of PHNS, the Dallas based group who has been helping the Hospital with its accounts receivable. She talked about how it will be a transition period for some employees.

Ashline said employees “can get a win for working hard.” She added, “Individually I think we will see some issues with employees who are not happy with having to produce a certain amount of bills per day or claims resolved…I think there´s going to be issues, but I think those were employees that we had issues with before and it showed in our financials.”

Also today, interim CEO Bob Tyk talked about some of the recent positives. He stated, they have a new contract in place with Blue Shield, and plan to have a new contract with Blue Cross in about 30 days. The have also negotiated new rates with places such as the Sierra Conservation Center.

Written by BJ Hansen