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Sonora Mother Arrested For Child Endangerment

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Sonora, CA — Don´t be surprised if Sylvia Montano is not a candidate for Sonora´s Mother of the Year this year.

Monday afternoon Sonora Police arrested Montano for felony child endangerment of her five year old twins. Until Monday, Montano had never allowed Child Welfare Service personnel access to her home. But with mounting complaints, Sonora Police joined C.W.S. case workers and forced their way into the house at approximately 3:30.

They found the residence to be in total disarray with all the rooms and hallways piled with junk. Most of the doors were blocked by miscellaneous items. Officers also found a wood stove with a live fire adjacent to a mattress and other flammable items.

Located in the freezer were maggot infested animal carcasses and animal skin next to the food. Some of the dead animals appeared to be protected/endangered species so the Fish and Game Department was notified.

Montano screamed and even charged the officers during the search. She was arrested and booked into the County Jail for the initial charge along with resisting, obstructing and delaying a peace officer in the line of duty.

Her children were removed by Child Welfare Services.

Written by Bill Johnson