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Turlock Man Faces Drug Charge After Sonora Incident

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Sonora, CA– A Turlock man awaits his court date after a deputy found methamphetamine in his vehicle Thursday.

At about midnight, a Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Deputy stopped in the parking lot behind Round Table Pizza in the Junction parking lot, to talk to 47-year-old Anthony Bailey, who was sitting in his 1999 Chevy 1500.

The deputy was given permission by Bailey to search his vehicle. Reports indicate that during the search, the deputy found a dollar bill folded into a bindle; inside the bindle was about one-fourth of a gram of methamphetamine.

Bailey said he didn´t know anything about it, and that it must have been left there by a female he´d recently given a ride to and let out of his truck. Officials say deputies checked the area for the female but could not locate her.

Bailey was arrested and transported to the county jail. He posted a $10,000 bail and was released pending his court date.

Written by Alisha.cruz


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