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Wild Man Arrested In Tuolumne City

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Tuolumne City, CA — Law enforcement personnel experience some mighty strange happening in their tour of duty.

Here´s one that might be remembered for awhile. According to reports, Sheriff´s Deputy Luke Weimer made contact with 18 year old Jackson St. Paul on Main Street in Tuolumne City at approximately 8:30 Wednesday evening.

Seems the 6-2, 175 pound native American transient was about to be involved in a fight. Weimer attempted to talk with St. Paul when he, St. Paul, started jumping up and down and running around the patrol car. St. Paul told the deputy he was not going to cooperate with him. He performed a belly flop onto the ground, got up, ripped off his shirt, waved it in the air and screamed at Weimer. He then fled the scene only to flop on the ground again before surrendering.

St. Paul told Weimer he just wanted to see what it was like to not cooperate with the law.

He was transported and booked into the county jail for being under the influence of drugs and for resisting arrest.

Written by Bill Johnson