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11 Stories From 2011

What 11 moments will you remember from 2011?

In the spirit of a new year celebrations here are the top non tradgey or weather related news stories of 2011.

  1. Turkeys Accused Of Holding Up Traffic gets my vote for the funniest news story of the year. It was back in February and the photo provided by Cindy Gerhart and the 41 comments added even more amusement and information!
  2. Marijuana Collective Opens In Tuolumne County 45% of the top most commented news stories are directly related to Marijuana. The January news story got a lot of attention but then was followed in May by the most commented news story: Sonora Pot raid Update. There were 129 comments before the conversation was moved to the Forums. Those who comment on myMotherLode news stories are clearly divided and very vocal about their opinion on the issue.
  3. Loud Mysterious Sound Heard In County This story was published in April and still remains a mystery.
  4. Unusual Find At Yosemite National Park Wildlife in the Mother Lode includes the Fisher, for a photo enjoy this May news story.
  5. California State Sales Tax Decreased was a rare story among news of a fire fee, budget cuts, and other buget shortfalls.
  6. News about the new stores were popular, the lumber mill opened, Andy’s Hardware announced its closing, restaurants opened and closed.
  7. The Occupy Movement: In September 2011, the Occupy Movement started on Wall Street and was aimed at the economic disparity and social inequity in the country and quickly spread. Worldwide Campaign Comes To Sonora
  8. Amgen Tour Announced with video of the celebration
  9. Capitol Christmas Tree coverage prompted some humbugs and in the end much support during the parade.
  10. The present in Courthouse Park thankfully turned to be all about the holiday.
  11. The most recent news story sums up several articles that have sparked debate. New Year Brings New Laws

The top most read stories include breaking news coverage of many tragic deaths, shocking police mug shots, and weather reports. When myMotherLode first allowed comments I was very touched to approve a comment on a several-year-old news story from a loved one remembering their lost family member. We provide a google search bar for anyone looking for information on a name, select Results or to search our database of 33,000 articles view our archive. also provides local obituaries submitted by funeral homes.

May all of you have a safe and happy New Year!