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By H. Randolph Holder

Thursday 043020

Let’s recap the COVID-19 numbers: In California, there are a little over 46,500 cases out of a 40 million, or about one-tenth of one percent. In the U.S. the percentage is slightly higher: OK, three times higher as many would tout, but still only three-tenths of one percent, or one million in 331 million. World-wide there are 3.1 million cases out of 7.6 billion people, or four-tenths of one percent. And these are not deaths, which world-wide are only 6% of actual cases even without parsing for age or underlying health issues. Is the “cure”, a complete shutdown of the economy, worse than the disease? 26 million people in the U.S. have filed for employment so far. That’s twenty-six individuals or families financially damaged or destroyed for every case, active and/or cured. The socio-economic destruction has to end. It’s time for everyone to be smart, put on a mask, wash your hands and get back to work.