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Intermittent Road Closure Set For Hwy 120

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Stockton, CA — An intermittent highway closure is on the Friday Mother Lode schedule.

Caltrans is reporting the C.H.P. will be closing five miles of Hwy 120 in Tuolumne County from east of Moccasin Creek Bridge to west of Big Oak Flat to conduct a road test using a 45 foot bus. That intermittent test will start at ten o´clock this morning.

With the closure of Hwy 140, Caltrans is studying Hwy 120 to determine if 45 foot buses can safely travel this area. A computer based study, conducted two years ago, identified locations where a 45 foot bus would likely experience difficulties in remaining solely within the markings of its lane.

The physical test of these areas will provide information on temporary solutions, focused road improvements and mitigation measure that may allow these buses to utilize Hwy 120 into Yosemite.

Written by Bill Johnson