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Large Explosion Will Test Myth This Morning

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Carson Hill Mine, CA — Anyone near the Carson Hill Mine in Calaveras County this morning may hear and possibly see some strange things.

The hosts of the Discovery Channel´s hit show Mythbusters will be trying to recreate an extraordinary World War II event.

Highway 49 will be closed briefly while 500 pounds of explosive material is lit. Organizers say they hope to get to the bottom of the bizarre tale of survival, which consisted of an airman who survived a 20,000 foot fall from his bomber plane.

Reports indicate the man jumped out of his plane without a parachute and just before he hit a glass railroad station, a bomb inside the building exploded, causing the force to push the man to a softer landing spot.

Several state and county agencies will be on hand, including representatives from the bomb unit to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh