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New Melones Lake Officials Have Some Reminders For Lake/Campground Users

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New Melones Lake, CA–With fire season here, park officials are doing their part to warn everyone of the fire danger at New Melones Lake.

Officials are cautioning campers, boaters, and people using recreational areas of the lake to be extra careful. With the Fourth of July holiday here, officials say that fireworks are strictly forbidden anywhere within Bureau of Reclamation land near management areas, including campgrounds, day use areas, hiking trails, boat ramps, the marina, and on boats.

Due to the low humidity and dry vegetation near campsites, picnic areas, and along the shoreline, officials are also warning that there is a higher risk of fire from smoldering coals or wind-born sparks. Thus means that all fires must be contained in designated fire rings or BBQS.

Resource Manager of New Melones Peggi Brooks urges the public to help in protecting the public lands and treat them as your own backyard. Some tips on creating a safe holiday weekend are to never leave a campfire unattended and always have water and a shovel available should a blaze occur.

Written by alisha.cruz