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Dogs And Cats At Starbucks

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Angels Camp,CA–The Calaveras County Humane Society proves that they are never done taking care of the pets in the community.

With the Help of Starbucks, The Humane Society held their annual Cups for Pups event on Saturday in the Angels Camp Plaza. The goal was to raise money for the spaying and neutering program. Vice President of Operations Amy Monsen says the event is also to help with the rescue efforts for dogs and cats.

In past years she says they received about $500 just in ticket sales. The event included a raffle, several door prizes, free Starbucks beverages and cups filled with dog treats.

Some of the dogs and cats that were up for adoption were either caged and under a shady canopy or being walked by volunteers with red blankets that said “adopt me” on them. Those who would still like to donate to the cause can go to

Written byAlisha.cruz