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Animals And Fireworks Don’t Mix

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Sonora,CA– Many people are loading not only family members in the car this holiday weekend, but their pets as well.

Jennifer Clarke with Animal Control has some tips for those planning on traveling with their four legged friends. She advises visitors and residents with pets to have proper identification on their animals since dogs often run away when they hear loud noises, like fireworks.

She also cautions owners to have a shady spot and plenty of water for animals due to the hot weather. For the safety of everyone, it is important to make sure animals are up to date on their vaccinations and to always obey the leash law, which is strictly enforced in Tuolumne County. If leaving pets at home, which Clarke says is the best option for animals, make sure the pet is in an area of the home where it is safe, comfortable and sheltered.

Humane Society officials say that animals can get scared of loud noises and can become destructive so homeowners should remove anything that could become damaged or harm the pet if they chew it.

Written by Alisha.cruz