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Water Rates Rise In Angels Camp

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Angels Camp, CA — A reluctant Angels Camp City Council passed water and wastewater rate hikes onto its customers Tuesday night.

Monthly water rates jumped from $32.57 a month to $39.96. The plan calls for increases every year for the next five years. So, by the 5th year water rates would be $53.67 a month.

City Engineer Gary Ghio explained the increases are needed for increased operating expenses, which are largely due to new state regulations.

The increases were hard to swallow for some councilmembers. Councilmember Paul Raggio asked that the city look into a sales tax increase that would put money into the city´s water and wastewater funds.

The council agreed to pass the increase with the caveat that a sales tax increase would be studied and the rates would be revisited within a year. The council could potentially roll back the increase if the measure passed.

Wastewater rates increased from $41.32 to $67.09 and by the 5th year would be $73.66

Hook up fees also went up. A new home will pay $8,782 to hook into the city´s water system and $9,277 to hook into the sewer.

The new rates take effect August 1.

Written by Vanessa Turner.


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