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Sonora Woman Facing Charges For Intimidating A Witness

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Sonora, CA — A Sonora woman on trial for drug trafficking has added another charge to her rap sheet, intimidating a witness.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Department says during testimony in one of several drug trafficking trials currently taking place, Wendy Fields made comments and accusations aimed at a witness.

After a series of remarks and comments inside the courtroom, Fields made an additional comment outside aimed at the witness.

Due to the nature of her actions and the comments she made, she was arrested at the scene for attempting to intimidate and dissuade a witness.

Any action taken by any person, whether written, verbal, or visual, who knowingly and maliciously attempts to prevent or dissuade any witness from attending or giving testimony at any trial can be punishable by state prison.

The Sheriff´s Department will diligently seek to arrest and ask for prosecution against anyone displaying similar actions during the course of the drug trafficking cases, or any similar cases in the future.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh