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Move Over In California For Lane Courtesy Month

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Sonora, CA — Moving over or yielding to faster traffic is an important, but often forgotten, concept.

In order to promote this basic driving rule, which is commonly referred to as “lane courtesy,” the National Motorists Association has designated June as Lane Courtesy Month.

Because of all of the tourism and traffic accidents in the Mother Lode, practicing Lane Courtesy has many benefits. The simple act of moving over for faster traffic smoothes the flow of traffic, which reduces congestion, tailgating, dangerous passes, and erratic speed fluctuations.

Given the high price of gas, it´s also worth mentioning that lane courtesy can improve gas mileage. Vehicles consume more fuel when they accelerate than when they maintain a consistent speed.

When motorists have to brake and maneuver around a driver blocking the left lane, they waste time, gas, and money!

For more information about the concept of lane courtesy and its benefits, click here.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh