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Men Arrested For Methamphetamine Charges At Casino

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Sonora, CA — Three men are facing drug charges after a car search Monday.

Security personnel at a local casino contacted the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Department regarding men, possibly under the influence of drugs, loitering in their parking lot.

Jack Anderson was found lying down on the front seat of a car sweating profusely and began throwing items at the security officer.

Richard Butler and a female subject were also sitting in the back seat of the car. Reports indicate Timothy Hoelzel, who had been inside the casino eventually claimed ownership of the car.

A search of the vehicle revealed four baggies containing small amounts of methamphetamine, two glass smoking pipes, and other paraphernalia.

Following the vehicle search, Deputy J. Teunissen arrested Anderson, Hoelzel, and Butler. They were transported to the Tuolumne County Jail where they were booked on several drug charges.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh