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Schools Superintendent Will Appeal Exit Exam To State Supreme Court

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Sacramento, CA — Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O´Connell says the state will appeal a judge´s suspension of the high school exit exam to the California Supreme Court.

But O´Connell says the state attorney general´s office is still working on that appeal, and it will be filed in 24 to 30 hours.

An Alameda County Superior Court judge last week granted a preliminary injunction against the state in a lawsuit claiming the exit exam discriminates against poor and minority children.

The attorney general´s office also will ask for a stay of that ruling. O´Connell says attorneys are working around the clock on the appeal, which affects around 47,000 seniors who have yet to pass the English and math test.

The Class of 2006 was supposed to be the first required to pass the exam to get a diploma.