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Secure Rural Schools Act Passes Through House

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Sonora, Ca — Tuolumne County Supervisor Dick Pland has received some good news out of Washington D.C. regarding a possible $2.5 annual infusion for the county.

“The House of Representatives passed out the Energy Bill, and the re-authorization of the Secure Rural Schools and Communities Act is included in the Energy Bill,” says Pland.

Pland has been among a group from Tuolumne County lobbying for reauthorization of the act. If approved it would mean $2.5 million would be coming to Tuolumne County to make up for money that was lost due to a decline in the timber industry.

$1 million would be delegated to schools, $1 million for roads, and the remainder would be used for other projects.

“Now the big issue is whether the Senate will agree with the House version of the Energy Bill and send it off to the President.” adds Pland.

The Senate is expected to take up the issue next week.

Written by BJ Hansen