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Stewardship Council Discusses Kennedy Meadows

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Sonora, Ca — The Stewardship Council hosted a meeting at the Sonora Opera Hall Thursday morning to discuss the future of Kennedy Meadows.

Much of the Kennedy Meadows Resort was destroyed by fire over two months ago, and the land on which the resort sits is owned by Pacific Gas and Electric. The Stewardship Council was founded in 2004 as part of a Pacific Gas and Electric Company settlement.

“We are here today to facilitate what is the first of a series of community meetings to talk about how we are going to help conserve the properties at Kennedy Meadows to make sure that they are here forever,” says Stewardship Council Executive Director Jayne Battey.

Battey says today was an “exploratory meeting” to gauge the best way to proceed.

“We´re talking with the community about who will hold these lands, as they may be available for donation,” adds Battey. “They will definitely have a conservation easement on them, so who is going to hold that easement, and make sure these lands are protected.”

Written by BJ Hansen