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T.U.D. Water Conservation Measures Lifted

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Sonora, CA — At a Tuesday evening Board of Directors meeting, T.U.D. lifted the water conservation measures that have been in effect since April.

General Manager Pete Kampa says he and the Board were extremely pleased that customers reduced their water usage by approximately 13% this year as compared to a year ago.

Restaurant patrons will no longer have to request water. Fire personnel are now permitted to flush lines on a “need” basis. In addition the odd and even residence restrictions on landscape watering has been lifted.

Kampa stated that T.U.D. would have incurred a $600,000 bill from P.G.& E. had it been forced to purchase water. He added that cost would have been passed along to consumers.

Kampa says that even though the conservation measures have been lifted Tuolumne County residents should still make a practice of conserving as much water as possible given the current California drought.

Written by Bill Johnson


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