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McGruff Safe House Program Designed To Protect Sonora Children

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Sonora, Ca — What would happen if a stranger began chasing your child, or tried to lure he or she into a car?

In hopes of finding a good answer to those questions, the Sonora Police Department has started the McGruff Safe House Program. Residents can volunteer their homes as a place for children to run to in emergencies. This includes being followed, bullied or simply injured in an accident.

Police Chief Mace McIntosh says volunteers will first go through an extensive background check. If approved, the individuals must agree to make emergency phone calls for the children in trouble, and watch out for neighborhood children as they go to and from school.

McIntosh says a McGruff Safe House, designated by the familiar McGruff sign, is designed to provide a sense of security for children. To learn more about the program, or to volunteer, contact Officer Wade Phillips at the Sonora Police Department at 532-8141.

Written by BJ Hansen