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Surprised At The Outcome – Not At All …

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County´s Fourth District Supervisor Mark Thornton was not at all surprised at the outcome of the resounding “no” vote for the two ambulance zone measures Tuesday.

Ballot Measure S for the south county was soundly defeated with only 42% “yes” votes. Measure T for the Don Pedro area received but 37% “yes” votes. Both measures needed a two-thirds vote count to pass.

Thornton feels the county did a poor job in creating the ballot measures and as a result south county residents felt the entire financial burden was literally being dumped in their laps.

Thornton will now propose at an upcoming Board meeting that county personnel form a parternership with a number of citizen committees in the two areas to author a workable and equitable plan for ambulance service.

Written by Bill Johnson