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Red Cross Evacuee Registry Online

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Are you concerned about relatives in Southern California?

Fires continue to burn out of control in Southern California fanned by strong Santa Ana winds due to continue through Wednesday. The fires, numbering 20 so far, are affecting numerous communities up and down the coast and as far inland as Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead. At last report, in the region of 1300 homes and businesses have been destroyed and more than 500 square miles has been ablaze.

As a consequence, hundreds of thousands of people up and down Southern California have been forced to flee their homes as flames approach. In order to help family members find each other,and to take the pressure off of business phone lines, the Red Cross has set up an emergency evacuee registration telephone line and website.

This service is in place for evacuees to register their status and for loved ones to search for evacuees. If you are looking for relatives that have been evacuated , either call 1-800-REDCROSS or go to