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Calaveras Health Officials Warn About Lyme Disease

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San Andreas, Ca — The Calaveras County Health Department has had four residents report cases of Lyme Disease this year, prompting it to ask residents to take steps to protect against tick bites.

Three of the four cases were from adult residents of West Point, and the other was from an adult in Railroad Flat.

According to County Health Officer Dr. Dean Kelaita, the disease is caused by a bacterium that is spread to people by deer ticks (Western Black-Legged Ticks). Early symptoms occur days to weeks after a person is infected. Those symptoms include muscle aches, joint pain, fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes and muscle weakness to the face.

“People with symptoms of Lyme Disease should see their doctor as early as possible,” says Kelaita. “Lyme Disease can be treated with antibiotics.”

Kelatia adds that if treatment is delayed, Lyme Disease is harder to treat and recovery may be longer. The Public Health Department advises people who live near brushy or grassy areas to regularly check themselves and their children for ticks.

According to the Health Department, ticks are often found along the hairline, in earlobes, under arms and breasts, along the beltline, in the groin area and behind knees. Ways to avoid ticks include wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants. It is also advised to tuck pants into socks or boots. To further prevent bites, you can purchase tick repellant that contains DEET.

Written by BJ Hansen