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Local Government And Business Reception Held At Opera Hall

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Sonora, Ca — Thursday night was an opportunity for the business community to interact face-to-face with elected officials from the city, county and state.

The Tuolumne County Association of Realtors hosted the 2nd annual Local Government and Business Reception at the Sonora Opera Hall.

“I believe the main purpose is to get more people, for example realtors, involved in our local politics and our community,” says Association President Coy Knapp.

Knapp notes that there are many issues in the community that directly affect realtors, a recent one being a controversial Inclusionary Housing Ordinance for Tuolumne County.

The night´s keynote speaker was Assemblyman Tom Berryhill, who spoke on recent legislation he feels will benefit the county and state.

“The three major things I´ve accomplished this year is a bill on metal theft, a bill on nursing, and working to get a water bond going,” says Berryhill. “We´re trying to negotiate and get California a comprehensive package so we have some water, and have some economic development up here.”

The Association of Realtors plans to hold the event again next year.

Written by BJ Hansen