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PART 2 – Marijuana Eradication; T.N.T. Style

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Stanislaus National Forest, CA — Scott Johnson will be the first to tell you it´s all a part of the job.

“It” being hanging from a 100 foot long line connected to a Jet Ranger helicopter. That is the manner in which T.N.T. Supervisor Johnson along with other members of his unit and C.A.M.P. team members were flown into a number of marijuana grows on Friday, July 20. The grows were labeled as Five Mile Creek, Clark´s Gulch, Rose Creek One and Rose Creek Two. All were located within the Stanislaus National Forest.

While hanging from a helicopter may seem a bit scary, Johnson welcomed the opportunity to be flown into a marijuana garden rather than having to hike in a couple of miles.

Johnson adds that you have to go through 16 hours of training through the California State Department Of Justice to qualify for a helicopter “short haul.” Then you must be recertified at the outset of each year.

On this day five two man teams were flown several miles into the gardens from a landing zone (LZ) located off Italian Bar Rd. They spent approximately six hours eradicating 15,145 marijuana plants … a one day record for T.N.T.

Tomorrow in the third segment of our week long series, Marijuana Eradication; T.N.T. Style, we´ll visit with the helicopter pilot who spent his Friday flying team members into the grows and flying out the 15,000 plus plants for eradication.

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Written by Bill Johnson