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Fire Safe Council Will Host Public Meeting In Columbia

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Columbia, Ca — Hwy 108 Fire Safe Council President Jerry Tannhauser is inviting homeowners in the Big Hill Road, Yankee Hill Road, Columbia, Gold Springs, Sawmill Flat and Springfield Ranch area, to meet and discuss fire protection, emergency preparedness, and fire prevention measures next week.

A public meeting will be held on Thursday, July 5th, at 6pm, at the CAL FIRE Columbia Air Attack Base. The purpose of the meeting is to provide private landowners and local fire agency officials the opportunity to form a strategic planning link that connects fire protection, emergency access routes, defensible space around homes, and additional fire prevention measures to support agency firefighting efforts.

CAL FIRE officials will showcase the Columbia Air Attack Base and its 50-year history, featuring a slide presentation and a site tour of the aerial firefighting facility. Agency officials also will be on hand to discuss California Public Resources Code 4291 requirements to ensure a 100-foot defensible space around homes and structures. There will also be discussion about local community projects designed to reduce flammable fuels in the area.

The mountain communities and the general area surrounding them consist of private land located in the wildland-urban interface, with portions bordering Forrest Service land. This area is considered a priority concern due to the level of flammable vegetation, adjacent homes, and the threat to life, property, and other entities at risk due to the high potential for large and damaging wild fires. The public is asked to help agency officials identify priority areas for strategic fuel reduction projects.

Written by BJ Hansen