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Senior Project Targets Drunk Driving

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Sonora, CA– High School Students have many decisions ahead of them as far as life changing experiences go, but today guest speakers came to Sonora High School to talk about the problem of drunk driving.

For her senior project, Michelle Jones decided to address the issue of drunk driving by holding a presentation for students in the high school´s auditorium. Speaking at the presentation was Mark Dyken, Director of the Jamestown Family Resource Center, who told a story about the loss of his young nephew to a drunk driver on Highway 26 about nine years ago.

The second speaker, Lynne Goodwin, Program Analyst for the California Friday Night Live Partnership, spoke of the pain she and her family felt when she learned her daughter 20 -year-old Casey Goodwin was killed by a drunk driver in 2003.

Jones´s objective was to get all of the students to sign “Casey´s Pledge,” a movement created by family and friends of Casey that would encourage teens to pledge to not drink and drive.

After the presentation students who signed the pledge received a rubber bracelet as a reminder of their promise to not get behind the wheel after drinking.

Written by Alisha Cruz